You have installed Ubuntu OS host through using VWare Workstation application. Whenever you need to execute something or command lines, it’s very inconvenience for you to operate them in the virtual machine directly because of responding time slowly.


One of ways is to use a Putty client application to connect to virtual machine and execute command lines that you want.

Step 1: download Putty here. Choose the right version (Window OS , Linux OS,…) depend on your OS

Step 2: Login to the virtual machine Ubuntu you have installed and open Terminal console.

Step 3: Run following commands as below

Sudo apt-get update

Sudo apt-get install ssh openssh-server

Step 4: Open Putty and add configurations to connect


Host Name (or IP address): Ip of your virtual machine. In my example, it is

Check SSH option

Click Open. If you install SSH package at step 3 successfully, the window appearsPutty-SSH

Enter Username and Password to login to Ubuntu machine.


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