In your organization, you are building a complex OLAP cube for your departments such as Finance, Sales, Human Resources …  that includes a lot of tables, measures, KPIs, Calculated Measures… However, you don’t want a complex model for users to explore.

Human Resource users want only to see dimensions, measures and KPI that serve their purpose. It is similar, Finance users want also to see what server their purpose, they do not care what dimensions,measures or KPIs for Human Resource domain.


Many people will think about how to grant permission on dimensions, measures, KPIs on OLAP cube. However, Microsoft supports a simpler approach that is as same as VIEWconcept of SQL Server Database, it is named as PERSPECTIVE in SSAS.


In this article, I would like to guide you how to create a PERSPECTIVE view by using SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio 2013. In case, you have Business Intelligence Studio for 2008, the steps are similar.

1- By default, I designed a default view as below

SSAS Default Perspective

2- Created a new perspective view named as View 1. Go to Perspectives tab and click on the icon to create new one

3- Select dimensions and measures you want them to be available for View 1.

4- Deploy the OLAP cube

5- Explore the cube and select View 1, which only includes Fact Brand Count measure and Media Type , Year Month dimensions. Other measures and dimensions are not available in View 1


6- Connect to OLAP cube by using Excel. Obviously, you can see 2 views as below


With PERSPECTIVE feature, we can create a particular view for specified users. However, this feature is not used for security purpose. It is just for creating a subset from original cube and users are still able to access other views and original cube. PERSPECTIVE is used for making a simple model (view) for users.




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