In previous article, I instructed you how to create a repository where we can storage our data files such text files… as data source. Today, I instruct the way how to create a Azure SQL Database as a destination when we would like to import data from some files in Azure Storage.

Prerequisite condition

To create a Azure Storage Account, you must have Azure Subscription

Azure Storage Account

Step 1: Login to Azure Portal with your account

Step 2: Create a resource groups. The resource group  is to group our resources that help us manage easily or share them to our team and other members. In my example, I created the resource group named as dung-tien-training

Resource Groups

Step 3: Open the resource group created above, then click Add

Step 4: Select SQL Database, then Create

Step 5: Create SQL Database Server instance which will host the database that you will create

Server Name: ddazuredemo. Azure creates the server name We use this information to connect to SQL Database Server Instance

Server Admin login: enter Admin account such adminacc

Password: enter password for adminacc account

Step 6: Create database

Database Name: name of database you want to create

Subscription: your subscription

Resource group: the resource group created above

Select Source: Blank database or Sample or Backup

  • Blank database: empty database
  • Sample: create a database from Microsoft Database Sample named AdventureworksLT
  • Backup: restore from a backup database

Pricing Tier: depend on your demand, you need to select the appropriate hardware for your database. In my example, I used Basic package

Collation: use the collation for your database

Click Create and wait for a few of second to finish. You need to create a SQL account to login. Microsoft Azure SQL Database just supports SQL Authentication mode

Step 7: Review the database created. In my example, I created the SQL Database ddazuredemo

Testing Connection

In this step, I tried to connect SQL Database created from my local with SQL Server Management Studio. The system requires you to sign in with Azure Account to create a new rule in Firewall that allow you to connect to Azure SQL Server Database.


Finally, connecting to Azure SQL Database Server successfully. In above step, I created the Blank database so there are no tables or any user database objects created.


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